Why This Simple Portrait Speaks to Me

June 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We had a session today with this little guy. Any session involving a 5-year-old boy is sure to have it's mixture of April hitting me in the head, tickles, and crazy noises (i.e. fart sounds). It's truly a magical dance of chaos and randomness that helps the child engage with the camera in a natural way - and helps us relate to the kiddo on a 5-year-old level (acting like a 5-year-old is something April says I'm good at - is that a compliment?). 

During the chaos I kept quietly going back in time in my mind - to about 7 years ago. As I watched Sam Henry make the silly faces, be distracted by a bee, and bounce around without a care in the world, I couldn't help but see Gavin, my 11-year-old son. It seems like yesterday, yet an eternity, when he would also be the one wanting to jump into the coy pond (probably to rescue a frog or any other critter that may be lurking there), walk barefoot through the grass, and do what was asked all for the prize of 3 new cars. I caught myself wondering where the time went. 

As we wrapped up the session Sam Henry, in typical little boy fashion, ventured off, in his own little world. It was then I grabbed this image. It's by no means an award-winning shot. There are probably thousands just like it. But, for me, in that instant, I was reminded that Gavin too is walking away. With each and every step he is further from our reach, and on his way to becoming what God designed him to be. 

Dad's. Fathers Day is around the corner. As most things are, the holiday is a great way for free enterprise to work it's magic. There are the sales, the commercials, and the gifts to celebrate us. Yup. I still want that promised hammock from April... but to me, I am reminded that Father's Day isn't only about celebrating fatherhood, but also to celebrate these beautiful kiddos God has entrusted us with. 

What a precious gift we have been given. I will be sure to slow down and cherish it. They are truly walking away- and it goes faster than we can ever imagine!



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