See the Difference

October 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

<<< --- See The Difference --->>>

Since they are family ;) I knew they wouldn't mind me showing a few "out-takes" to display the importance of lighting. At the time of day these images were taken, the sun was straight above. It's practically the worst time of day for a session without the correct equipment (and education).

Image 1: We wanted to capture that great sky that hovered over the lake! Had the image been taken with only a camera, you can see the the sky looks great, but the beautiful model has very harsh and unflattering shadows. The only way to balance that is to bring in off-camera artificial lighting. Had we simply tried to expose for the model, without our equipment, the sky would have looked white (yuck!).
Image 2: Among the trees and with the sun above, it doesn't take a keen eye to notice that this is not flattering light. Again, we bring in our lighting equipment to beautifully light the couple in the same exact spot, in the same exact horrible lighting situation.
The importance of knowing how to find good light or how create good light is paramount in getting stunning images! We are constantly investing in education (Jason is one of less than 3% of photographers nationwide who are certified by the Professional Photographers of America) and equipment to ensure that we give our client's what their investment deserves!


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