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June 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Obviously we believe that true portraiture from a skilled professional is an invaluable investment. If there is one thing we want the consumer to understand, it is that not everyone with a pen is a writer (I'll let you draw the comparisons). So it must hold true that in precious instances such as a newborn session, you've only got one chance for the photographer to get it right. After all, what new mom wants to spend hours of prep and session time only to receive mediocre results? 

Our style with newborns is simplicity. We tend to stay away from what we like to call "Pinteresty" settings with chaotic props or posing. We want something the is well lit, properly exposed, and timeless. I can't imagine looking at an image of our baby twenty-years from now a say "what were we thinking." 

Such was the case with this little guy. Although we prefer to have sessions with sleeping little bundles of joy, it's not always the case. But lighting, combined with skill and the ambience of a peaceful studio helped calm this guy for a wonderful session. 

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