|Children| Perfect Imperfections

May 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Most people would consider this a throw-away; a deleted image never to be seen again. Perhaps it's not an image you would want as a wall portrait, or on the cover of your glass-top Legacy Album. Or just maybe?

I have a different view. In 20 years we won't remember the frustration of an uncooperative child during her dance pictures. We won't have the immediate inclination to discard, or be saddened by her actions. We will, however, will reflect on the "perfect imperfections" of a beautiful little girl in days gone by; such a sweet and innocent age. We will long for our children to be "children" yet again.

As the song suggests, we are indeed gonna miss this!

So yes we eventually got her to smile. By letting her play with the studio lights a bit she eventually came around. But I thought this image is one to cherish.

Be Blessed!

Be Blessed!



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