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October 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I walked out of the studio on my way to Osceola to perform this stunning senior's portraits. I looked into the field and saw another young lady getting her senior pictures made. I noticed the problem right away: it was a cloudy day, and all the photographer had was a camera. Let me explain.

In my infant stages of learning my craft, I welcomed a sunless day. It meant (or so I thought) that I didn't have to work as hard to keep the sun from being over-bearing on my subject.. and hard shadows didn't exist. Now the problem. On an overcast, cloudy day, you do have diffused light- except it comes only from above. This often causes what most call "raccoon eyes," where light is hitting the face, but not lighting the eyes properly.

I drove to Osceola with confidence. Not only did I have my camera, but also an array of off-camera flashes and reflector, all of which can take a sunless, gray day and create images like the once below. A photographer needs a multitude of tools and training to make their clients look their best! I think this images represents that well! #promatters

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