Your Baby Deserves the Best!

Babies are our thing! We begin before the baby's arrival, meeting with you and discussing ideas about how to make your Boutique Baby session a beautiful experience. We tentatively book the session (all newborn sessions are done within the first 7 days) and keep dates open so that it can be moved, if needed. We have tons of props, wraps, and other items to customize your session based on your taste. 

The studio transforms into a relaxing and calm place for all Boutique Baby sessions. The lights are dimmed and the temperature is warm to help sooth the new little bundle! You are invited to sit and relax, enjoy refreshments, and leave the work to us as we create beautiful art with the new arrival. Both April and Jason are on hand for newborn sessions, to ensure that everything pertaining to the baby runs smoothly, and safely! 


The session fee for Boutique Baby is $125. This covers the amount of time necessary to achieve a beautiful end result. Sometimes this goes quickly, other times it takes a little more work.

Our Don't Blink Baby Plan (4 sessions over the first 18 months) is $255. This will include the newborn session, and 3 additional milestone sessions to help capture that fleeting first year! For more detailed information, contact us here.